Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Callas takes the A train--Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No joke: the first staging rehearsal was a hot flaming mess.

This stark fact, if nothing else, has been an inducement to get this thing branded into my brain so I can do such devilishly difficult things as walk in a single direction and sing at the same time, look at the object of my bass-clef bawling and, well, act......

So, who the hell am I in this thing, besides one of two voices holding down the lower end of Verdi's operatic ensemble Chinese plate-balancing tricks? The curtain rises on the first act and in thirty seconds flat my character has already begun singing "Murdermurderdeathdeathkillkill." I'm not sure I have the mustachioes for that kind of diabolique, but I have to give it a shot.

Forthright, well-thought-out and dynamic direction (it's Verdi, for fach's sake!) will help immensely, and I've only had one rehearsal...................so I will wait and see.

In other news, The Boyfriend (he of the unending support and ruddy, Semitic good-looks) has gifted me Maria Callas Remembered by Nadia Stancioff and I simply can't put it down, to the occasional detriment of score-memorizing. So many fascinating facts--Maria Callas lived in Washington Heights, literally one A-train stop after mine!!! It seriously makes me not hate hate hate the Heights as much as I did the page before I read this information...but really, she's not alive and living there today (more's the pity), so needless to say, I d o n o t l o v e W a s h i n g t o n H e i g h t s.

I'm going to take this brief moment right now and try to imagine Callas's reading of such lines as "Murdermurderdeathdeathkillkill."

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