Friday, May 8, 2009

Sushi rolls/Opera roles/Gender roles???--Friday, May 8, 2009

I went out for sushi and drinks in the East Village with my good (formerly-mezzo-now- dramatic-soprano) friend Bryn, during which we unloaded our mutual singerangst (Ger.) for around the same amount of time it takes to perform a Wagner opera. We then regaled each other at a speakeasy with impressions of the importunate singing we used to encounter while singing at Jarvis Conservatory's monthly operatic open-mike nite extravaganza "Opera Night". Needless to say, a good time was had by all (except, perhaps anyone in hearing distance; our impressions were really good, which is to say, really bad).

The final casting decisions for Brooklyn Repertory Opera's doubled-casted production of Verdi's Ballo have been announced and I am generally pleased with my casting lot, save for the fact that the other cast has an unusually large-and-rich-voiced countertenor Ulrica (or "Ulrich" , as he has been styled), which would have been highly novel to have for the "WTF" factor. No offense to the mezzo Ulricas of the world, my low-voiced sisters-in-arms; you know I adore you...........look! a counter-tenor!

It is a true testament to my innate laziness that now I have completed musical rehearsals I look askance upon my Ballo score; it is a true testament to the excessively short amount of rehearsal time we have for this production (6 weeks!) that if I don't start now the Sam in this evening's production of Ballo will be sung by fillintheblank--.

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