Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose--Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Admit it, bloggerini: Blogs are tiresome. I honestly don't wonder that they are abandoned like so many luxury condos built precipitously in more fortuitous times and left empty and inhabited by wild animals. I've just chased out pigeons that were roosting in this blog. Potential buyers have no longer have any money; I've little inclination and time. But here I am, nonetheless...

Things have changed and things haven't changed. I've finished BRO's production of Verdi's Ballo and yet, I am doing Ballo again, albeit under a diferent aegis. Things annoyed me about Ballo previously (pesky English translation, trying to sing/shout over ever-increasingly loud orchestra) ; things annoy me about it still (pesky Italian elided vowels, finding out I sang a particular line wrong for two months straight). I'll miss the excessivly snazzy Act II costume I pulled together for myself (above), but undoubtedly I find something nice to wear for the concert performance. No knives, though.

Good Verdi requires so much of its performers--time, energy, creativity--jeez--it's like a blog. Wild animals are roosting in my Ballo.

Having turned down the aforementioned Trojan opera, I've decided to embark on an extended studying jag, namely, finding out how to sing. Seems odd, after singing for the better part of 10 years, but so much of my training has been hinged on performing as opposed to learning how to do what I'm doing while I'm performing, so I'm obviously overdue.

It's funny, really, because even as I embark on this period of study, I'm still casting out nearly invisble nets (emails, really) for my next operatic project--Gilbert and Sullivan? Strauss?

.....24 Italian Art Songs?*

*G. Schirmer's famous title 24 Italian Art Songs is a collection of baroque art songs and arias oftentimes given to young singers at the beginning of their studies.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Trojans in *my* future--Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let's start with the Battle of Troy opera....I'll try to make this brief:

I saw, I sang, I conquered.

I was offered the title role, that being Hector.

I began to think highly complimentary things of myself.

My voice teacher, when apprised of this offer, was like, "Um, what....?"

I rather unwillingly turned the role down.

Then the Boyfriend was like, "Um, what....?"

I assured him that my voice teacher and I had made the wisest decision.

The role was given to a wildly-talented former-mezzo, the aforementioned Bryn Jimenez.

I returned to Verdi and silently ground my teeth to powder.


I mean, really, it's been almost ten years and only now am I sorta learning how to sing properly. To wit, there simply isn't a moment where I don't wonder whether I've made the wisest decision--the title role, people!!!--but I'm telling all inquiring parties that I have; that's my story, I'm sticking to it.



Whew.........what a difference a month makes! Everything, I mean, everything has completely changed, though whether all this is a virtue still remains to be seen...Where do I even begin?

I suppose I should take this one plot point at a time....